Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Learnings from the dump

From time to time I go with my excess garbage of all kinds to the local 'dump'. This place, which is slightly more sophisticated than it sounds, is a massive pool of learning as well.

It's proper name is 'Recirculation Central', and it consists of a number of containers, each designated to a special type of trash. Most prominent is the 'small burnable items'. It's amazing what is burnable. I still don't get why ordinary glass light bulbs (not the energy saving ones) are 'small burnable objects'. But I always do as the local 'dump-administrator' tells me.

This person, who also has an assistant, is the only real authority within the fences. Everything else is pretty much self-organised. And from this comes the learning.

First the practical stuff: driving and manouvering with a car with a trailer. It's a small place, so you need to hone those skills. Many just dismount the trailer and move it around by hand. I take pride in at least trying. I am improving.
What makes it equally hard is, that traffic is not following ordinary rules. People walk as they please - in busy times it's a mess. But: mostly all get along quite fine.
Learning #1: Self-organising works!

At one time I arrived and ended up in a queue. The ones in front of me where getting rid of their excessive garden plants and weeds. I was arriving with soil. That goes to a container right at the end of the premisses. I tried to pass the others, and got shouted at by the administrator ('you damn cheat!').
A few days ago I was waiting in the line again. No 'cheating'. Got shouted at again: 'move along, it's time I'm going home soon!'..

Learning #2: you'll get shouted at from time to time, regardless.

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