Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Back from PSL

I have just returned - that is, I came back yesterday - from the Problem Solving Leadership workshop in Albuquerque. My body is still on USA time, and exhausted from travelling almost 20 hours, all included. But my mind is energized, and having these two feelings simultanously is pretty weird.

A lot of things are going around in my mind now. Usually I keep a lot of stuff in it, but right now it's way more than the usual level. I wonder if I will ever stop learning from this experience.

I went through my notes from the workshop just prior to checking out from the hotel. I've got more notes than I use to, but also - most of the notes are written between the lines. I've never seen that happen in something I've written myself.

Now - what is this blog post about. I don't know really. It may be irrelevant and perhaps annoying to you, but for me I guess it's the first step out of the workshop, trying to figure out what hit me. For example: I remember the lady in the hotel reception, too busy typing something into the computer to help us acquire a taxi. Something that would normally be annoying. But now, I'm not not annoyed, but I understand more of why she would behave like this and how I could react to it. And that's a great feeling.

Okay, enough of this emotional stuff. Albuquerque struck me as being completely different from anything I'd expected from a large, american city. Only a few tall buildings, everything else laid out as small, low establishments. I would not have blinked if Clint Eastwood would have strolled out of the Saloon, with a riffel in his hands, whistling for his horse. :-)

I think I stop here, take another cup of coffee and process a little more on all the great people I met, the great insights I gained, the learning points I acquired and probably provided.

That's all - for now.

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